100WC by Calum



Co. Kildare

5th February

Dear Michael

I hate Supervalu your shop is a disgrace. I’ve even changed your sign to un Supervalu. Now some things you need to change some things about your staff first one girls fringe is so long it reaches her toes and the back of her hair is too short and she also smells of onions. Products: Your eggs are always cracked and your coal has turned my brand new carpet black and I even washed it over five times and nothing happened. Electronics: All your lights I bought won’t stop flickering and they also feel very cheap. I will never go back to your shop again.

Unkind regards,

Calum fleet.

One thought on “100WC by Calum

  1. Calum, this is a delight! I’ve had a real giggle reading your creative use of the prompt words.
    Unkind regards indeed!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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