100WC by Ciara



It was when I was walking home from school I was on the path. I saw a homeless old man. He started to follow me and we passed his house he insisted on me coming in it was pretty small it had a big hill behind it. I went in he said his name was Gerald. As I looked around the place I noticed some stairs and I asked him were did they lead to? He said “Have a look?” There was a door that we walked through. He left and locked the door. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing…..




2 thoughts on “100WC by Ciara

  1. Hello Ciara, your story was a bit of a surprise because I was expecting a happy laughter but your story suggests something more sinister. I don’t think that Gerald is a very nice person. It would be interesting to hear more but by giving the reader only a small snippet it makes them more engaged in the story. Well done.

  2. WHAT!!!!!!!!! Why would Gerald do that?! Ciara you have to do a part 2! That was such a big twist! Great story.

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