Obair bhaile

Gaeilge: litriú, Léigh sa bhaile lch 93

Mata: B.O. ST lch 30

Béarla:  spellings,Read at Home page 86 100wc

Tionscanamh: Roghnaigh tír amháin – Eilbhéis,Albain, Astráil, Iodáil, Portaingéil 10ú Aibréain

Táblaí : x ÷  Dul siar


A Thuismitheoirí,

Beidh gach páiste ag déanamh an cúrsa Oideachas Caidreamh agus Gnéasachta sna seachtainí amach romhainn.

All children will be taught Relationships and Sexuality Education course in the coming weeks.

All of the information which will be discussed is provided at the following link in English agus i nGaeilge. We will be covering the curriculum for fourth class only

Headless Chicken by Ruby

Headless Chicken!

“Chips with a little bit of vinegar please,” I said. I was in a 5 star restaurant with my sister. We were just after ordering our food. After about 15 minutes our food came. I took a bite of my chips. The vinegar was too sharp! Correction, the vinegar was WAY too sharp!! I thought the big bottle on our table was full of water, but guess what? It was more vinegar! Well… too late! I started running around like a headless chicken, which would have been embarrassing if my mouth was not on fire! I eventually found the door, ran out and never returned.

The End

By Ruby

100 WC by Niamh

The Restaurant was Terrible!

We went to a restaurant for my brother’s communion. It was good up until when the waitress slipped and all the food splashed in my face. Then my baby sister started spitting her food on my face!

I asked my mother could I go to the toilet so I could get away from my sister.

I went to the toilet and they were disgusting! I can’t even mention it. It was that disgusting!

When I came out, my food was there and it was gone cold and the vinegar was too sharp. So, for my dinner I ate cold food. Then there was dessert well, for everyone else. They didn’t even give me dessert!

THE END By Niamh.

100wc by Keeley


One nice evening the family went to the takeaway. They ordered two bags of chips. There was a lovely smell in the shop. There were seats for them to eat at. They were very hungry. They could really smell the vinegar. The lady in the shop asked them did they want salt and vinegar. They said they wanted it. They sat down to eat. Suddenly they tasted the chips. The vinegar was too sharp. It tasted good and different.

By Keeley

100WC by Kayleigh


It was my sister’s birthday and my family went out for dinner. I ordered chips with vinegar on them and a burger. Everyone else got a salad because they were on a diet. Anyway when we got the food I took a chip. Ate a bit of it then spat it out and called over the waitress and said I would like to speak to the chef. The waitress called over the chef then I told him the vinegar was too sharp he told me he was sorry. Then he said that he would make me another dish and a special dessert.