Mr Bubble’s Hard Day by Tomás

MR Bubble’s hard day

One day a guy called bubbles was going to work at Mc Donald’s. He went on his bicycle to work he loved his job but one day he spilled bubbles on a Big Mac. Four days later his boss found out he got fired, his bike was robbed, and he had to walk home. When he got to his house was robbed. He was very sad his house was empty. His pink bed and everything gone. The next day he went to his parents’ house house and stayed there for two years. Then he got a house whit cameras he was happy


By Tomas

100 WC by Sophie


Today is my birthday I got a new pink bicycle and some new squishes. I have to have a bath before I go on a cycle with my dad. So I fill the bath with water. Then I go get some clean clothes but when I come back the bath is completely empty. So I fill it back up again. After my bath I get into my clean clothes.

While my dad and I were out cycling people fired bubbles at us and I fell off my bicycle and cut my knee.

The end

By Sophie

100WC by Ruby



“Mam! Can I ride my bicycle?” “Mam! Can I play with my ball?” “Yes!” I said. It’s not easy having kids. “Waa!” Oh no. bath time. I went upstairs. The bath was full but… “Mam! I want bubbles!” I picked up the bottle but it was empty. “Sorry, but there is no bubble mixture left.” “Noo!” “Mam! I ran down stairs into the garden. “Yes?” I said panting. “The pink haired lady next door wants to talk to you.” The pink haired lady that lived next door was my boss. “Okay kids go inside please.” “Your son’s ball smashed my window! You’re fired!” “Noooo!”

The End

By Ruby

100 WC by Rían


One day my friend’s dad got a new job. He had work to day so he went. He got on his pick bicycle with a empty basket. He rode the bike to work. In work he got really bored so he blew bubbles. His boss caught him and he got fired. He went to the beach for a while. He found a turtle and kicked it. Then some kid was drowning. My friend’s dad jumped into the water and saved the kid. That is when he found his new job. The End

My Friends by Rebecca

My Friends

One day my friends and I were on our bicycles. We were having a good time. When they all went home I went to the shop. I got some bubbles. When I got home I opened them. To my surprise they were empty! I marched back to the shop and told the shopkeeper about the incident. The next day the bubble company got fired. The boss was very mad. After that my family and I went to the zoo. We had a special pass to see the special animals. There was a pink penguin! He was so adorable. When we went back to school I told all my friends about the zoo trip. They didn’t/ believe me. I was so shocked! The End by Rebecca

Monster Part: 2 by Réaltín


When I woke up a bath was in front of me. It was empty. I turned to the monsters. “Crime of the century this is.” One said sadly. “We need help! You are the chosen one! You have to fill up the bath!” He gave me pink bubbles and disappeared. I looked down at what the monster had handed me. I was overwhelmed by what had just happened! I had a million questions. Then I fired the bubbles into the bath. A bicycle jumped into the bath! What was going on? When was I able to go home? Would the bike get rusty?

100WC by Patrick

100 W C

One day I went on my bicycle to the shop. My mam had asked me to get some bread. I went into the shop to find that all the bread section was empty. I went to the till and asked the man behind the counter where was all the bread. He said they were all sold out. I went home and told my mam. Then my dad came home. He said he got fired by his boss. That evening I had a BATH. It had lots of bubbles in it. That night I was getting ready for bed when my sister came in. She was in pyjamas. I went to bed dreaming…

By Patrick

Mystery by Niamh


It was Melody’s birthday. Cleo bought a big box of chocolates for her and wrapped it in beautiful pink paper. She went to Melody’s house on her bicycle to give it to her. When Melody opened the box, it was empty!  Cleo went straight back to the shop owner. The shop owner checked the CCTV and found one of the employees had stolen the chocolates. The shop owner went over to the employee and fired her. He also found from the CCTV that she had stolen lots of other things from the shop. He thanked Cleo for helping him and gave her a container of bubbles as a present.

THE END By Niamh.

100 wc by Liam


One day I was cycling down the road on my bicycle. I was going to the shop. I went into the shop and I hear someone yelling. I didn’t try to hear them yelling but at the end I heard someone say “You are fired”. Quickly I just grabbed a chocolate bar. I saw a pack of bubbles so I bought them too. There was a pink wrapping on it. When I got out of the shop I went to blow some bubbles but they were empty. I went to hop on my bike but it wasn’t there. Then I was a kid riding it down the hill.