100 WC by Clodagh

No mum!


She shut the door. She was gone. Mum was gone. Gone on holidays with yet ANOTHER new boy-friend. She had left me all alone to mind my six younger siblings all by myself.


I thought everyone else was asleep, but it turns out that Annie and Gerald were watching and looked devastated. I tried tickling them to cheer them up. Annie ran but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.


Mum said she would be back in a week, but it’s been a month and she still hasn’t come home. I don’t think she ever will, but I hope she will.

3 thoughts on “100 WC by Clodagh

  1. Wow Clodagh!!! That is a wonderful piece of writing. You made really good use of the prompt turning a humorous prompt into a tragedy. I also liked the way you laid out the piece, your paragraphing added a real sense of drama.
    Super Writing, keep up the great work!

    Ciara (Team 100)

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