Out of the Ground by Ruby

Out of the Ground

We were out on a camping trip and decided to go for a walk. After about ten minutes or so, we saw a big, wet waste land. It was too wet to walk through or we would get stuck in the mud. So we just observed. Then lumps started appearing in the ground. We jumped behind a bush. Then out of the ground came people holding wands. So I figured that they were witches and wizards. They started talking about planets exploding and taking charge of something. “AAAAAAGGGGHHH!” I screamed. There was a wasp nest in the bush! The witches and wizards turned their heads towards me. They heard me. So we started to run.

The End

By Ruby.

One thought on “Out of the Ground by Ruby

  1. Hi Ruby,
    Wow, you built up the suspense so well in your writing.

    I especially liked how you described the way the wet wasteland transformed into lumps and the witches and wizards. I do hope you were able to run fast enough to get away from them.

    From Michelle
    Team 100wc, Melbourne, Australia

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