100 WC by Ben


One day my little brother was watching paw patrol and Rider farted in the middle of it. Rider said no job is too big no pup is too small. And my brother is only four and we watch it all the time. Then he farted again and again. It was so funny and I nearly wet my pants. I told my mum and she could not stop laughing. So now it is paw patrol to sponge bob and now its on too sponge bob now all you can hear in the mornings is sponge bob……

By Ben

The New Teacher Is So Nice by Alana

The New Teacher Is So Nice.

Today it is the start of the year and we had the nicest teacher out of all the other teachers. Her name is Nikki. Nikki brought the class outside and they played tag Gerald fell over and he cut his leg but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. He was laughing for the whole day “just stop laughing” said Nikki. So Nikki brought him home then he stopped laughing so the reason why he was laughing is that he just wanted to go home from school. The End.

By Alana Boland.

100 WC by Alana



The farm,

                                                      Green town,


                                                     5th February.

Dear Mam,

I went out to the farm to get eggs for my breakfast and the chickens all had a fringe. When I washed the eggs for some odd reason the eggs turned black. So I went to get new eggs and the chickens were all flickering and then the farm blew up so now I will live with you.

Love from your daughter,


P.S. I am so scared because all my money was all gone and I do not know how I will get the plane to your house.