Smelly by Brian


One day Gerald went to his classroom, he saw his teacher writing a word on the whiteboard “inadequate” she said “what does that mean?” the class went silent. “Look it up” said the teacher. The teacher bent over to look at Sarah looking the word up in her ‘special’ dictionary. Teacher is always exhilarated, elated and ecstatically happy with Sarah’s work, but as the teacher was bending down she farted! Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. Teacher’s face went red with embarrassment.

Ps: no offence to teachers or anything, teachers do fart!

PPs: hope you enjoyed my story!

By Brian


One thought on “Smelly by Brian

  1. Hi Brian
    Your 100WC is quite delightful (and as a teacher I am not offended at all!). You have used some wonderful words to build a picture of how the teacher feels about Sarah’s work. I wonder why Sarah is so special.

    Mrs P, Team 100WC
    Wellington, New Zealand

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