The Big War by Patrick

The Big War

Long long ago there was a big war between humans and tree monsters. It was a big one too. The humans set ablaze lots of trees but the tree monsters kept fighting. The humans killed a lot of trees but the trees killed a lot of humans too. It lasted a short time. It was about three months. In the end the trees lost and the humans won. That was a long time ago. Now all the wood they got from the war is firewood and a lot more people are surviving. Meanwhile on the other planet the tree monsters are planning another attack on the humans. This war is not over by a long shot.

The end

By Patrick

One thought on “The Big War by Patrick

  1. Wow. You certainly have created some action in your writing Patrick. I just hope everyone knows who’s fighting who!
    I wonder if you needed to write The End. A good writers work tells the reader when the piece is complete. Perhaps in this case you could have used an ellipses.
    This war is not over by a long shot …
    What do you think?
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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