100wc by Niamh

Party with the wrong colour dress (Part2)

“But it is the wrong colour!” I screamed. “Well, you have to go to Natalie’s party with a pink dress instead of a red dress,” said Mum.

That night Mum dropped me off to the party. It was a hall we were going to for the disco. I was elated to see what the disco would look like but I was also nervous because Natalie would say “You said you would be wearing a red dress not a pink dress” and I had no excuse for it.

When I went into the hall, I was shocked! The place was covered in muck and what really caught my eye was that all my friends were zombies including Natalie! I ran away in fear as I just realised, it was only a dream!

THE END by Niamh

One thought on “100wc by Niamh

  1. Oh Niamh, what a surprise it must have been to find that scene in the hall.
    I must admit that I had a giggle when I read that after going to so much trouble deciding what to wear, there was muck everywhere!
    I wonder if you really needed to tell the reader that they had reached The End. Your last sentence expresses that.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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