100wc by Kayleigh


There once lived two young boys Jake and Conor they worked at NASA and they were both heading to space. When they were getting into the rocket the door closed behind them and the rocket took off to a mysterious undiscovered planet on the planet there were cut down trees and mud everywhere Jake and Conor wondered why the planet wasn’t discovered yet. The planet was very far away from earth and the boys didn’t know how to get back home so to this day those boys are still on the planet.

The End

One thought on “100wc by Kayleigh

  1. Oh my! What a shame for Jake and Conor, Kayleigh. Or am I mistaken in thinking that? I wonder how the boys felt on the undiscovered world? What do you think they would be feeling and doing? Would they have been prepared for this possibility by their NASA training do you think?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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