100 wc by Holly

There was a new case in the Sheriff’s department. A man in his 50s went on an evening walk in a cave when he came outside he came across these mysterious looking logs. It was a branch that was all cut up in small pieces, scattered apart. They were outside the cave.

A week later the case was solved it was  a special tree that could kill all living creatures with one piece that was cut up in pieces. A man named Paul Hannigan had hid them there about 5,000 years ago. Written by Holly Smith

Then End

2 thoughts on “100 wc by Holly

  1. Hi Holly

    Wow! What a fabulous starting sentence you wrote for this 100WC. I immediately wanted to find about the new case. You have described it really well. Now I want to know about Paul Hannigan. How did he know about the logs I wonder?

    Helen (Team 100WC)
    from New Zealand

  2. Oh Holly, I forgot to edit my comment. Editing is so important! I missed out a word in one of my sentences – I wonder if you can find it too! I must remember to re-read what I have written before posting.

    Helen (Team 100WC)

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