Car S.O.S by Calum

Car s. o. s

One day Tim and Fuzz were on the way to collect a classic car for an unsuspecting owner. They arrived at the house. “Hi Lottie where is the car” said Tim. “But most important where is Stephen” said Fuzz. “Stephen is in London” said Lottie. “OK lets see the car” Fuzz said. “There she is a 1973 built mark 2 escort” said Tim “Shall we get her up on the trailer then” Fuzz said. They soon arrived back at the work shop. Firstly they took every part off and then stripped the paint. Tim went off to by a set of 14 inch O. Z racing alloys. The car was finished and all put back to the car was painted in a dark orange. They went back to give the car back but when he got car he said “but it’s the wrong colour” THE END CALUM FLEET

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