100 WC by Sophie



Today is my birthday I am fourteen years old. Today is a Monday so I have to go to school. When I arrive at school everyone just stares at me like I have ten million heads. I was so cross that everyone had forgotten my birthday and on Friday I was bragging about it non stop. Finally it was the last class of the day P.E. When I walked into the P.E hall the lights are off and everyone starts to sing Happy Birthday to me. I was very happy that they remembered but also a bit embarrassed. My birthday was not so bad after all.

The End

By Sophie

One thought on “100 WC by Sophie

  1. Hi Sophie
    I really like the contrast of emotions you have portrayed through your story. I think that everyone can imagine how it might feel to have your birthday forgotten by your friends which contrasts well with the delight of the surprise party.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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