100 WC by Rebecca


Today is my sisters Confirmation and I have to go to the church but I don’t want to go. The reason why I don’t want to go is that I could be at my friends’ laser tag party. It would last 3 hours. I am disappointed that I can’t go. Now we have to go to the church.

We are at the church now and there a lot of people here. I am so cross because none of my friends are here and they had promised to be here. The ceremony is starting now and it will last 2 hours.

The ceremony is finished now and my family and I are going out for dinner. Bye.

The End. By Rebecca.

2 thoughts on “100 WC by Rebecca

  1. Hi Rebecca
    I can imagine the feelings of frustration at wanting to go to the party but knowing that you have to go to your family event. I was hoping that, somehow, you could have found a way of doing both at the end but your tone seemed happy at the end regardless.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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