100WC by Calum

One day little Stan was walking down the street but then the smell if vinegar made him faint as he was allergic to vinegar. After a few minutes Stan got back up but he realised he was in hospital. After a few minutes things got worse. Ginger the vinegar loving lady walked in. Stan then realised that Ginger was carrying chips with loads of vinegar on them. She then took a bite a bite but it turned out the vinegar was to sharp so she spat it back out again. The smell got stronger and stronger. Stan suddenly fainted for the second time and then the doctor walked in and kicked Ginger up the bum and she went flying out the pain of glass. Then Ginger ended up in hospital. Stan looked beside him and Ginger was sitting in the hospital bed beside. “OH NO,” said Stan. THE END BY CALUM FLEET!

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