100WC by Sophie

135 Strawberry ST,



22nd April.

Dear Sophie,

I had a very good holiday in America. So first of all I got French toast and the eggs were lovely. After breakfast I got a fringe and I also got my hair dyed black in the best hairdressers down the road from my hotel. Then it was around quarter to two in the afternoon and I went for lunch with my friend that I met over there. Her name is Rose and she is from Wexford. Then before I went to bed I washed my hair. I woke up in the middle of the night and the lights kept flickering and then they just came on when they were off a minute ago.

Yours sincerely


2 thoughts on “100WC by Sophie

  1. Hello Sophie, this is a very “newsy” letter outlining all the things that happened in a day when you were on holidays. I really liked how you introduced your new friend, Rose. I think that was good detail to give and made me, as a reader, feel included in your story.

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