100WC by Ed

Black Eggs Street,



1st of March,

Dear Mom,

I have some wonderful news for you I cut of that ugly fringe that Ellie had. I washed my hands a lot for good luck. I was flickering with a thing called a fidget spinner but now no one likes them anymore so I got a Nintendo DS. I got a job as a fringe maker. I really hate fringes. I love my job so much like I just got paid zero cents. Now time to cut off more fringes.

Kind regards,

From Your Son

One thought on “100WC by Ed

  1. This letter writing format is a great way of expressing your ideas around the prompt words Ed.
    I’m a little confused about you being so happy doing a job you don’t like?
    I hope this is the only job you have where you get paid zero cents!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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