100 WC by Alana



The farm,

                                                      Green town,


                                                     5th February.

Dear Mam,

I went out to the farm to get eggs for my breakfast and the chickens all had a fringe. When I washed the eggs for some odd reason the eggs turned black. So I went to get new eggs and the chickens were all flickering and then the farm blew up so now I will live with you.

Love from your daughter,


P.S. I am so scared because all my money was all gone and I do not know how I will get the plane to your house.

One thought on “100 WC by Alana

  1. Oh dear, what an absolute tragedy Alana, but I like the way you turned the story into a letter. I wonder what on earth happened? If you had an extra 100 words, how would you have explained these events?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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