The Cruise by Keeley

The Cruise

One sunny day the family were going on a cruise. They were all very excited to go on the cruise. They arrived at the big ship. Emma and her younger sister wanted to go exploring the big ship. Emma told her parents that they would be back soon. They were going to the play area. They started to play hide and seek. After 5 minutes she couldn’t find her little sister anywhere but how could she just disappear. She ran back to her parents. She knocked on her parent’s door. She couldn’t believe her eyes but her little sister was at the door. They all laughed.

By Keeley

One thought on “The Cruise by Keeley

  1. Well done on your story this week Keeley! That would be a terrible thing to happen on a ship or indeed anywhere.
    I’m glad it all worked out well in the end and they all managed to laugh about it.

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