100 WC by Calum

Barry Scotts   house,

Cillit bang land,

911 Street,

22nd of January

Dear Barry Scott

I heard your daughter has robbed the new Cillit bang formula and ran away. But how could she run away Barry? A few days I saw a one of a kind Barry Scott digger pulling out of your drive way. But I looked closer and I saw a little girl holding the new cillit bang formula. Could that of been her?

Kind regards Mr Mango.

P.S you can come over any time and I am thinking of making a company called magic band and I could use some advice.

One thought on “100 WC by Calum

  1. Hello, using the letter format is an interesting approach to this challenge. Are you learning this at the moment? You have done fairly well with the formatting. I like how you have used the questions and then provided a bit of an accusation but in a polite way. Mr Mango should have been written on another line. I was a bit confused with your PS.

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