The Light by Ben

The light

One day he went out to play everybody was getting burned but this day was a bad day. The sun shone brightly and the light blinded him so he was rushed to the hospital. His friends came over to see how he was doing. They gave him flowers and sweets and a card and they went home the next day. The doctors gave him a card and then went to a new patient soon. Then the day came to get surgery and get out of the hospital. His friends were happy to see him again and his teacher was happy too.

3 thoughts on “The Light by Ben

  1. Hi Ben
    Goodness, there is lots happening here. It has given me lots of questions, what was causing everyone to be burned but why was the boy burned so much more than everyone else? Was there some sort of powerful force at work?
    I’m delighted there was a happy ending to your story.
    Miss T team 100wc

  2. The reason why he got burned so bad is because he was not wearing sun glasses and he looked up at the sun. Nobody else looked at the sun because of what happened to him so that is why nobody looked at the sun. So do you have anymore questions for me?
    Thank you
    From Ben

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