Monsters by Réaltín

Monsters! Part:1

Once upon a time…. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. How about in a little village…. No! Maybe? Oh forget it! Once there was a girl named Diana. One day she was going to school and she saw a light coming from the woods. The light blinded her. She felt curios and went to take a look. Suddenly she saw monsters! One had three eyes, one ear, a dozen arms, five legs and the most hideous horns you ever saw! The other was in the shadows and Diana couldn’t see. Then one pounced! All was black…………………

One thought on “Monsters by Réaltín

  1. What an exciting 100WC entry!

    And a serial as well, can’t wait for the next episode!

    I wonder if maybe the second monster IS the shadow..?

    Anyway, keep up the good work Réaltín, everybody loves a good monster story.


    Franck (Team 100WC), Chester, UK

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