100WC by Calum

One day Baah Sheep was going to America to visit his cousin Barry. He got his bags and headed to London Gatwick airport. But Baah sheep forgot something very important it was Virgin atlantic business class ticket. It was when he reached the airport he realised he forgot his ticket. Baah sheep was annoyed about it but he saw another business class passenger with his ticket hanging out his pocket. Baah sheep had an idea that he could pickpocket him so Baah sheep went over but it turned out it was Richard Branson the owner of Virgin atlantic and Richard gave him a ticket to and back from America. Baah sheep gave Richard Branson a big hug and left. Baah sheep arrived at the gate to see a big 747 jumbo jet. They then took off. About five hours later they landed. Baah sheep met his cousin Barry at the gate. They went to Barrys house. He got blinded by a light and Baah sheep dialed 911.

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