The Weird Television by Liam

The Weird Television

One day Emma and her little brother Jack were watching their favourite show on the television. There dad worked at a power plant and he had lots of gamma radiation. The remote was out of batteries so they went to get some but there was none.


Jack the small boy said that they could use some of dad’s gamma radiation for batteries. So they did but when they changed the channel. Something very weird had happened. It seemed like they were in the television. When they got into the television they were excited but then a villain came along and tried to kill them. Their dad came in to the room and got them out of the television.



2 thoughts on “The Weird Television by Liam

  1. Wow Liam! That was a very creative story! I’d love to be able to go into the tv! (Unless there was something spooky or dangerous on!)

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