Nessie by Niamh


Jane and her family went to Scotland on a holiday. Jane went to Loch Ness with her big sister Leah. Jane was reading a book about the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie for short. Jane brought her camera and binoculars to see Nessie (just in case). “Doesn’t that look like Nessie over there?” asked Jane. “I think it is Nessie!” replied Leah.


The family went home. “We seem to be on tv!” shouted Emily. “Really!” Jane shouted. Everyone was shocked.

THE END By Niamh

4 thoughts on “Nessie by Niamh

  1. Good 100WC effort Niamh!

    Does this means Nessie had brought a camera as well?
    Maybe monsters travel to Loch Ness to film humans?

    Anyway, good descriptions and dialogues, keep up the good work.!


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