I miss my Family by Brian

“I miss my family”

Oh, hello my name is Kevin. I live in London with my two brothers and sisters.

Yesterday we had a shocking attack.


My family and I were watching the news.

We seemed to be on the television.

It was talking about the recent war.


Suddenly we heard rattling upstairs. Mum, Dad and my siblings went to go and check, I didn’t I was too scared. Then I heard screaming. I turned off the television and waited. I was thinking, are my family dead? Did they have a heart attack? Who knows?


I heard someone coming down the stairs.

“Dad, mom is that you?” I called. Then I saw him it wasn’t dad or mom, it was a terrorist.


I ran out the door, really scared.

And that is why I am in an orphanage now, it was a sad experience. And I miss my family, I feel so lonely.

One thought on “I miss my Family by Brian

  1. Ooh, this is so sad. What a traumatic experience you have conjured up for this writing prompt!
    I do hope your next piece has a happy ending!
    Jackie (Team 100 WC)
    New Zealand

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