100 WC by Cormac

It was one day I turned my television on. But when I did my face popped up. After a few minutes it said I’m watching you. I turned it off straight away. I ran out of my house and called the police. They came and they searched the hole house but they never came back out. I grabbed the hand gun I kept in my pocket but I’m still worrying why I seemed to be on the television. So I went inside my house. Shot all the security cameras. I ran back out again because I saw something frightful but I can’t explain what it was.

2 thoughts on “100 WC by Cormac

  1. Oh no Cormac, you can’t leave us readers hanging on a thread like that! My imagination’s working overtime!
    I wonder who the main character in your story was though to be carrying a hand gun? Maybe someone in the United States? Or a secret agent perhaps? How could you let your readers know, without using too many words?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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