100 WC by Brian

The monster is going to eat me !

Today is Saturday. Sean got up from his bed. I’m going to read my comic. Sean’s comic was in the room that has no light, there were no windows and no light switches. Sean’s scared of the dark. He came into the room feeling courageous. He saw something standing up. “Ah” he screamed and ran out of the room. Daniel came,” why did you scream” Daniel said. “There is a monster in that room it seemed to be going backwards”. “Let me go and see that monster” said Daniel. Daniel took his torch and flashed the light in his face. “Jojo” cried Sean .There is no monster just a dog.

One thought on “100 WC by Brian

  1. The plot is great ;it is structured and straightforward. You should place punctuation marks, especially exclamation marks, after your quotations; this will make your story more emotionally strong. Other than issues with punctuation, this is a well thought of tale overall!

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